Our Host

I first met Kurt Clopton on a stretch of highway in Missouri in the early 1990's. He was slight of build, had a nose that bent to the left, and was full of delusional aspirations, many of which were, quite frankly, stupid. Of course, most of us have idiotic dreams when we're young, but Kurt did take it to a whole other level and actually believed some of them were possible. Luckily for all of us he didn't achieve any of those dreams and instead managed to stay out of most everybody's way these last twenty-five plus years. His wife is really the only exception there and I think everyone is entitled to one major mistake in life, and in her case, our heartfelt sympathy. I say ignore it and get on with things.

Regrettably, Kurt seems to have managed to achieve some sort of small success recently in getting a book published, so it appears the luck we have all enjoyed for the past couple of decades has run out. Apparently this whole book thing can't be stopped—I checked, repeatedly—so we'll just have to weather the storm. I mean, I know we really shouldn't ban books, but I could be convinced if this is the sort of thing that happens if we don't.

His wife says the book is funny, but she's in kind of a spot there, so what else could she say? It's apparently a comedy (I would say satire, but that's giving Kurt way too much credit for cleverness) about a generic superhero caught up in the bureaucracy of his city government super job. Or something like that. I didn't quite follow. Is it fiction? Yes, obviously. Sci-Fi? Maybe...I don't know, do they put superhero stories in the Sci-Fi section? Or regular fiction? Fantasy? Aren't they usually just comics? That brings up a good point—who in their right mind takes something that could be done in a thirty page comic (with someone else doing the art, no less) and drags it out to 330 plus pages with no pictures at all? That's just dumb, right?

Anyway, I have seen him occasionally wear hats.