Very Early SuperGuy Drawing Unearthed

Early drawing of SuperGuy character in costume.  White suit with black gloves, boots and boxer shorts.

I ran across this old drawing in one of my sketchbooks a couple of weeks ago. The first known drawing of SuperGuy in costume. The date on the drawing was March 14, 2003, so almost 14 years ago. This was probably about the time I was really thinking about turning the whole idea into a book, although I don't know for certain if I actively started writing the story back then. However I was getting rejections to my queries by the summer of 2009, so writing happened somewhere in those intervening six years. I really should keep better track of things.

I should also mention that the idea itself comes from a costume I wore to a Halloween party in Gainesville, FL, sometime in the mid to late 1990's. Once again with the vague dates. I went as a generic superhero, complete with black boxer shorts and a barcode on my chest (oh, and a cape). At least one other person and I thought I should have won best costume but that was not to be. A great injustice. Maybe that's why I thought this story had to be told and a fight for justice must be waged (at least in book form).

The drawing itself is interesting for a couple of details that get discarded once I wrote the story. Those boxers never make an appearance in the book because the tightness of the suit became an important story element. Yes, I did just say that an important story element in the book is the tightness of the suit. You know you're talking about highbrow fiction when you can say that. Also, the mask was changed from the one here to a simple design just covering the eyes (think of Robin's mask). This was because a head full of gorgeous superhero quality hair became important too. So, to sum up, tight pants and nice hair are big parts of my book.

I'm so proud.