Fellow Author's Book is Almost Here

Cover of Going Green, Heather S. Ransom's book.

I just wanted to mention that fellow Not a Pipe Publishing author Heather S. Ransom's book, Going Green, is now available for pre-order. You can find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Check it out.

About the book:

Going Green is a story about choices and consequences, about true happiness and real fear, about racism and appreciation of differences, and about deciding who you truly are and what you believe. Set in the future, it allows us to look at and talk about "their problems" ...until we realize how just similar our realities are.

In the future, the color of your skin lets everyone know who you are. Those who can contribute to making the world a better place are Green, walking GMOs with plant chloroplasts in their cells who no longer need to eat. Life is good. People are happy. Well, ...some people. Not everyone gets to “go Green.”

Calyssa Brentwood, a high school senior just finished with her cellular enhancement, is on her way to securing her place in the upper ranks of society. Until she finds herself far from the safety of Sci-City,

...on a farm,

...in the middle of a rebel insurgency.

Realizing that nothing is as simple as it seems, Lyssa soon discovers that each choice brings new consequences

...ones that may turn deadly for those she cares about most.

Visit Heather's website here.