It's Pre-Time!

It's pre-official. You can now pre-order SuperGuy, in either the paperback or ebook version, here on Amazon, or the paperback here on Barnes and Noble. This is a picture of the front cover, done by artist Randy Kintz. It contains a number of characters from the book, some only mentioned by name, so it's kind of fun trying to figure out who is who, if they're anybody in the book at all. Plus, the drawing wraps around to the back of the book for twice as many characters, although some are covered up by text, so it's a bit hard to see them all. At some point I will have to put the full drawing up here without text so we can see the whole thing.

Front cover photo of novel, SuperGuy, by Kurt Clopton.  Shows various superheroes and villains sitting around at a meeting with SuperGuy near the front.