First Stack of Books Signed

Stack of five copies of SuperGuy book

The first official unofficial book signing for SuperGuy was a grand success. Every single person seeking an autograph had multiple copies! Meaning that one person had five copies. #mother-in-law.

Additionally, we've only found two typos that made it into the final print version. In our defense, one was found beforehand, but due to what I can only assume was a mixup of Three's Company proportions, it got through. Undoubtedly we will find the person or persons responsible and they will receive a stern finger wagging and disapproving look. Though not at the same time as that seems unusually cruel. And while the first typo was a real word (so spellcheck missed it) substituted for another, which really makes me look slightly dumber than usual, the other typo is just a missing space which is really rather hard to notice, so hopefully no one will. Maybe we'll have a contest to see if anyone can find the missing space. That's one way we can inject excitement into our screw ups.

I give several nods to other sources in SuperGuy also, and by that I mean I steal some stuff. Among the victims are Douglas Adams, Monty Python, the original Batman television series, The Tick by Ben Edlund, and even a very oblique shout out to Magnum P.I. That last one is hard to notice, though. Difficult to call something the Anglo-Hawaiian anything when the story takes place in Wisconsin. Probably should have done it anyway. Would have been non-sensically funny. Guess I missed my chance, or did I? (Sequel!)