Review It! Or Just Be Lazy and Give it 5 stars.

I've had a few people ask about how they can help with the book, and while I hesitate to sell them the rights to an eventual YouTube movie made on a budget of $57 and half a box of Ding Dongs, I am touched. Instead, I will just remind all of you (the clamoring throng) that if you've read my book, please feel free to go to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble (or Goodreads) and give it a little review, or just rate it. Of course, that's if you liked it. If you didn't, then the best course of action is to dismiss it from your mind entirely, don't spend another precious second of your life on it, and move on to other, more useful things. That's just being healthy. And we all just want you to be healthy. So, it's really not about me at all, it's about you.