SuperGuy in Croatia, Hero Taking Gap Year

If any of you know me personally, then you are perfectly aware that I'm only about one thing, and that one thing is my evil plan of conquering the world. I may seem like a normal, slightly tedious and annoying individual, but below the surface lies a less normal and more than slightly tedious and annoying individual. With an evil plan, of course. That's the real focus here. Anyway, it's a complicated plan, probably overly intricate in a hundred different ways, but that's how evil plans work. There has to be deception within misdirection within feint within sleight of hand. That being said, it's a weird coincidence that 86% of all evil plans begin with the same first step, and that's getting your book translated and published in Croatian. True story. So that's what's happening. Don't say I didn't warn you. I mean, this is right out there on the interweb for all to see. Well, at least for the six people who've popped by here in the last four months. So, they know. If they come back.