The Clown Prince of All Media

Would Court Jester of All Media be a better title?

Regardless, the media onslaught begins with two recent podcasts that had me as a guest. I know, what were they thinking? The first pod was The Adventure Club Podcast, part of the ACPN network of podcasts, and the second was the Fat Packs Podcast, from Beckett Media.

I spoke with John Galbo and Matt Naslanic on The Adventure Club Podcast, which you can find here. We had a good conversation about the book and the upcoming (very soon) podcasts and audiobook from Faux Fiction Audio.

I talked with Eric Norton and Paul Wirth on the Fat Packs Podcast, which you can listen to here on Soundcloud. I found out that someone, somewhere, makes superhero cards, so that could be a part of the future.

So, if you want to hear me talk about all of this book and audiobook stuff even more, feel free to listen. If not, well, you show fantastic taste.