Man Signs Books, No Film at Eleven

Photo of me with five women who got my book.

Photo of me with woman who got my book.

I had a great time signing at my alma mater, Luther College, on Saturday. Saw lots of former classmates, since the whole thing ended up conveniently coinciding with my 25 year reunion. That's why I waited so long to publish, no silly 5 or 10 year reunion for my book signing.

There were hundreds of people there, although only a few were distracted by me at my table. I happily lessened the resale value of their books by signing them. Only one person really seemed to have been peer pressured into buying a copy, so thanks to those folks who did the pressuring.

There are still some signed copies in the bookstore if for some odd reason you are in Decorah, IA and want a copy, or if you want to go on a road trip. Oh, and if you drive a Tesla, know that there are charging stations on campus. I don't drive a Tesla.