We've Covered Our Assets

Picture of SuperGuy cover.

To all elementary and middle school librarians, your calls have been answered. We've finally been able to put the fig leaf in place and protect everybody's sensibilities. Due to the recent addition of a hard cover version of SuperGuy to the multitude of ways in which to enjoy SuperGuy, the Powers That Be were able to do a little touch up to the cover.

Now, you may not have noticed the offending image (and no, I'm not referring to my author photo) because it's not extremely obvious that it's offensive. Is it thigh? Is it buttocks? Is it cankle? Who knows? Maybe the artist, but those comic book guys love to push the envelope, so we're betting on cankle. Anyway, Golden Gal's now got tights so we can all breathe easier when our fourth grader brings the book home from the school library. My kids didn't even notice.

Besides, no one says anything about the naked buffalo guy on the back.

Update: Management has been informed that the offending image was indeed the author photo and not the 'too much flesh' on the cover. In the future a photo of a cute guinea pig will be substituted for the author. It is recommended that anyone stuck with a current copy of the book with the offending author photo should tape their own picture of a cute guinea pig over the top of it.