Buy the Freaking Book Already

In what has to be the biggest bargain of the new year, the paperback version of SuperGuy is currently discounted 8% on Amazon, so you can purchase it for a nicely clunky sounding $15.64. You may be tempted to wait for the clunkier options of say, 9% or 13%, or the ultimate in clunkiness at 6%, but why push it? And why wait? Who knows how this thing is going to age? We're already going to have to expunge all references to Zunes in the next edition.

Speaking of bargains, for a short while there was a used hardcover version of the book being offered for around $60 on Amazon. It's gone now, so I have to assume wily collector snatched that puppy up. I imagine the book had a special 24 karat gold embossed cover. Or it was an autographed copy (autographed by Stan Lee, not me). Or it just had $60 in cash stuck inside the cover.