Not So Quiet Desperation

Cover of SuperGuy.

Amazon is almost at its breaking point. You wouldn't think I'd be the one to do it, but they obviously underestimated me. They've dropped the price on the paperback copy of SuperGuy to $6.03. They are panicking. You can smell their fear. By this time tomorrow they will be happily accepting whatever spare change you have in your pocket or anything you can find on the floor of your car. Basically some small rocks and old pieces of candy will get you my book by some point tomorrow.

Jeff Bezos wants to use his extra cash to go to space, but I'm betting his first mission will be to send the remaining 17 copies of SuperGuy flying into the sun. Of course, we may need to carefully consider what damage that might cause to the sun. There's no reason the whole galaxy should have to pay for the mistake of publishing one book. So really, you should consider buying the book to save the world. And when could you ever do that for as cheap as $6.03?