Keep Warm this Winter for Less

Amazon is at it again. After a foolish attempt at running the cover price of SuperGuy for awhile, they've decided to start dropping it. It's now at $7.44 with no bottom in sight. You could wait a few more days and see how low it goes, but even right now it's cheaper to buy multiple copies instead of wood for the fireplace this winter. I used a lot of large words, which have been proven to burn longer, not to mention we used a hardwood font which burns twice as hot as a normal softwood font like Times New Roman. Even if you don't need fuel for the winter, it's still prime summer campfire time, and my book is proven to make s'mores taste 3.4 times as good as over a normal campfire. However, it will make hot dogs taste a little like old rubber, so we recommend going with brats.

In other book news, the first foreign version of SuperGuy has apparently been sent to the printer in Croatia, so if you happen to live there or are touring the country on vacation, be on the look out. I'll be sure to let people know when it's officially official.

In audio book news, the audio version of SuperGuy is getting close to completion. Like Solo: A Star Wars Story, there were complications. We had to fire the first director, call in some script doctors, fire the second director, do multiple re-shoots, re-cast multiple parts, add a droid for comic relief, and finally get Ron Howard to clean everything up. Anyway, I'm told it's close.