It Wouldn't Be a Good Look

Amazon has lowered the price of the paperback version of SuperGuy to $5.33, which is a ridiculous discount. That's like a lot of percent. Unfortunately, some unlucky soul accidentally bought it, so most likely the price is going to start going back up. So I'm just saying that you might want to jump in and buy it now before it gets back to double digits. I mean, can you imagine how unlucky you'd have to be to pay full price at this point? They are desperately trying to get rid of their stock.

Cover of book and link to Amazon.

Anyway, if the book had broken the $5.00 barrier, I was contractually obligated to hand deliver the copy to the buyer and read them the first five chapters, all while dressed as the main character. Now, while it would be fun to be flown to some exotic location (say, La Jolla, CA) by an Amazon drone, I don't think any of us wants to see me dressed as SuperGuy. Plus, I have to take a bus back home.