Yes, Already

Yes, there is going to be a sequel to SuperGuy. If Kurt won't tell you, then I will. I know everybody is asking the question, and by everybody I mean his mother, but since he hasn't announced it yet, I figured I'd just get it out of the way. Not that it requires as much attention or formality as an official 'announcement' or anything. Or perhaps it would be better if there was a whole roadmap of future releases like Marvel did with their superhero movies. Like this next book is the start of Phase 2, where we'll not only get the SuperGuy sequel, but standalone books for other characters from the first book or characters that will show up in other books in the future. Gray Matter gets his own book, Stormfront gets her own book, The Creeper gets his own novella (nobody really likes him). It people actually read SuperGuy, then Kurt could really go to town on all this other crap. There could be comic book versions, a book on the tech of the SuperGuy universe, a whole SuperGuy universe book (there really is no universe), the possibilities are endless. Seriously, we can come up with a lot of crap. Kurt has nothing better to do.

Anyway, all that being said, Amazon is still trying to dump its copies of SuperGuy, now priced at $5.82 or something random like that. Please consider helping them clear out their warehouse for something more worthwhile.

SuperGuy cover with link to Amazon page.