So, a good way through the first episode of Y: The Last Man, I was thinking that all the men in the world dying probably wasn't the worst thing that could happen to all the women left, since those guys all seemed quite insufferable. Then, most of the way through the second episode when we've been well introduced to the titular Last Man, I begin to think the women really got screwed on this one. I mean, one male left and this is the guy? Sure, you want to find out why he survived and maybe continue the existence of the human race, but if this is the material we're working with, maybe we should just call it a day and leave Earth to the cockroaches.

I read the comic in collected form back in the day, but didn't really remember it, except knowing I didn't read any farther than that first issue which probably included the first five comics or so. After watching the show, I searched for it on my shelf to see how faithful the show was to the comic. Surely the Last Man wasn't this lame and irritating and stupid in the comic? Nah, he kinda was. The high point of the first episode was when his girlfriend said no to his marriage proposal. Talk about dodging a bullet. It's not the best indicator for your hero (using that term loosely) when the audience (at least me) is not only happy for the girlfriend to escape him in normal life, but also really hoping he doesn't find her after the apocalypse happens either.

And don't get me started on the monkey. Can it please run off again as some kind of plot point? Is this going to happen every episode? A smart person would have shrugged and let it go because that would have been the best decision, but I mentioned our protagonist before, right? So instead we just have to groan and keeping watching. That is, until I stop, which was halfway through the third episode. You win, I in no way care about the Last Man surviving at this point. I liked the Sarah character and her storyline. Is it too early to spin her off into her own show?