Incredible Paperweight Value!

The good folks at Amazon have dropped the price of the hardback copy of SuperGuy 2: Electric Boogaloo to an astounding $5.21 as of this morning. A few more days and it will be cheaper than the Kindle version. However, you can get a used copy for $5.99 if you want to pay more for a 'lived in' version of the book. I'm told the quality of the writing doesn't suffer due to the condition, nor does it get better if your copy is pristine. If you really want to help out fellow potential buyers, you could coordinate a group to all buy it at about the same time, since there are eight copies in stock, which will hopefully make sure that everyone would get this price. Maybe do a Zoom party and use a countdown. I know, you're yelling at your computer now that you don't have seven friends, let alone seven friends who read, so a Zoom party is a completely silly idea. Hey, I understand. I don't believe seven people (excluding close friends and my mother) have read the book, so thinking you'll get seven other people to buy it shows you how delusional I am. Regardless, some folks seemed to have liked it, so what do you have to lose? Yeah, I know, besides the $5.21.