Part Deux

SuperGuy is almost here for a second time. The still secretly named sequel will be released in the very near future, like probably within one month, but we don't want to go and give it an official date yet because then we would be committed and that's pressure. We still need folks to get some tasks done, like cover art, last minute edits, or an ending. Plus, we're kind of shooting for a Black Friday/Cyber Monday release because that makes sense for a book, right? Maybe we'll do a two for one special, or give a free air fryer away with it. So, just know it's close. In the meantime, here's a little blurb from the back cover:

Oliver Olson, generically-themed official city superhero of Milwaukee, has finally become more comfortable with his job, if not so much with his suit. After defeating the supervillain, Gray Matter, and thwarting his plan of world domination in his first few weeks on the job, Oliver is settling into the routine of protecting his city by catching small time crooks, protecting a larger part of the country by joining a regional supergroup, and protecting his job by keeping his trainee sidekick from destroying anything. But now there’s a giant blue monster who wants a word. All Oliver wants is a cape.